The Howling of Lakota Wolf Preserve

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On a cold November morning, a group of photo enthusiasts embarked to capture the beauty of the creatures who call Lakota Wolf Preserve their home. Our bus ride started at Dan’s Camera City in Easton, only about 35 minutes away from Columbia, NJ where Lakota Wolf Preserve is located. After we arrived, a very bumpy 5 minute drive took us from the lodge up to the preserve itself.

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It was now time to split up into smaller groups and make our way around the preserve. Our well organized leader, Patty from Tamron, made sure everybody got where they needed to be for some great photos. Each group rotated from area to area, getting an opportunity to meet all of the wolves.

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As we finished the last rotation Patty gathered all of us to the upper area and she started to howl! Soon after, all the wolves followed her example. It was a beautiful sound to hear and amazing to see. You could see the wolves howls- it was so cold we saw the steam from their breath.

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Our time at Lakota Wolf Preserve came to a close, but we had to find a way to warm up. So on our way home we stopped at Brooks Hollow winery for some brunch and a wine tasting. It was a great time, we hope you can join us the next time we visit this amazing destination! Big thanks go out to Tamron, and the wonderful folks at Lakota Wolf Preserve who make it all possible.

Join us next time! Check out the current Photo Expedition Schedule »

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