A last look at Martin Tower

martin tower zoom 1

Did you know that we could see Martin Tower from right here at Dan's in Allentown? On Saturday afternoon, Scott grabbed the Nikon P1000 to take a few last pictures from this view. See? It's right there.

No really. It's right there down toward the end of the road, just poking up over the trees. Here, we'll zoom in.

martin tower zoom 2

See it now? Just above the trees, slightly to the right of the stop sign.

martin tower zoom 3

And we can keep zooming in...

martin tower zoom 4

Ok, let's zoom all the way in, to the maximum zoom of the crazy-long lens on the Nikon P1000.

martin tower zoom 5

So long, Martin Tower. Even if you were just barely visible, you were still our neighbor.

This entry was posted on May 21, 2019

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