video services

Preserve your memories before they fade

Why fight with an old projector and screen, or an outdated VCR? Transfer your movies, photos, videos and slides to digital, and have a screening at your next family get-together!

vhs tapes

Why go to DVD?

DVDs don't get tangled in your player or gradually wear out from repeated viewing. Chapter points at 5-minute intervals allow you to find specific scenes far more easily than with videotape.

DVDs are also more convenient to store, since they take up less space than bulky videotapes. And you'll never have to remember to rewind again!

vhs tapes

How much will fit on a 2-hour DVD or tape?

Transfers are recorded in Standard Two Hour Speed. One VHS tape will hold approximately:
1600 ft. of 8mm film
2000 ft. of Super 8mm film
4000 ft. of 16mm film
850 slides or photos (about 8 seconds each)

video services

Your memories are safe with us.

Dan's DVD & Video Services are either done at Dan's using professional grade equipment or contracted out to a local provider who uses production-quality equipment. We're confident you won't find a better combination of quality, price and service.

videotapes to dvd

Videotapes transferred to Digital

Re-visit your favorite memories, even if your old camcorder or VCR is broken. Transfer your videotapes to DVD or USB, and have a screening at your next family get-together! Dan's makes it easy to enjoy your family memories more often.

We'll transfer your VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, Micro MV, and Mini-DV tapes to DVD disc or USB drive. Up to two hours of video will fit on a single DVD.

Regular pricing:

  • Tape to DVD: Up to two hours - $24.99
    - limited to one 2-hour tape transferred per disk
  • For tapes over 2 hours, add $24.99 for each additional disc.
  • Additional copies at time of order: 2-9 copies: $12.50 each, 10+ copies $9.99 each
  • No chapter points and no titles available
  • Orders ready in one week
  • Tape to USB: MP4, AVI or MOV - $39.99 (plus cost of USB)
  • Additional USB - $9.99 each (plus cost of USB)

Premium DVD service

Why upgrade to Premium?
  • Chapter points approx. every 5 minutes
  • Free imprint on DVD disc (2 lines of up to 30 characters each)
  • Available from foreign formats
Premium DVD pricing:
  • Up to two hours: $39.99
  • Additional copies at time of order: $19.95
  • Multiple tapes to one DVD: $19.95 each add'l. tape
  • Additional DVD (for tapes over 2 hours): $39.99
  • On screen titles: $15 each

Quantity discounts

Videotape to DVD only

  • 4–9 original tapes: 10% discount
  • 10+ original tapes: 20% discount

movie film to dvd

Movie film transferred to DVD

Now it's easy to watch your memories on any TV. Order extra copies to give family & friends. Dan's can transfer 8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm movie film as well as 35mm slides and photos up to 8x10.

Movie film to DVD pricing

22¢ per foot
($88 minimum for orders of less than 400 feet)

Additional information:
  • All transfers include opening title and background music.
  • 50' reels (3 or more) will be spliced together. Your film is returned on new 200' or 400' reels.
Available options:
  • Additional titles: $5.00 (movie, slide & photo orders only)
  • Continuous run of music you supply on CD: no charge
  • Customized background music: $5 per cut (from CD only, no charge on photo transfers)

slides and photos to dvd

Slides & Photos transferred to DVD

Slides and photos must be individually numbered and rubber banded together. Slides and photos not numbered will incur a 3¢ per slide/photo numbering charge. Slides in pages or trays will be returned to you rubber banded together. $56 minimum order, includes DVD.

Photos to DVD or VHS tape:
$2.00 each
Slides to DVD or VHS tape:
(35mm and 126 slides)
  • up to 1000 slides: 70¢ each
  • 1001 or more: 60¢ each

betamax to dvd

Betamax / S-VHS / S-VHS-C transferred to DVD

We can transfer Betamax, S-VHS, and S-VHS-C videotapes to DVD format for convenient playback and sharing.

  • Betamax to DVD
    Up to two hours, per original tape: $24.99

damaged videotape

Other Services Include:

  • Videotape repairs
  • Foreign format conversions: PAL or SECAM; foreign 8mm, Digi8, or Hi8
  • Audio tape transfers and repairs
  • Reel-to-reel & LP audio transfers
  • Video slide shows from digital files

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