ProMaster Universal GO! Charger

So you're on vacation, camping with your family. Your campsite doesn't have electricity. Your camera battery warning light comes on, and your forgot your spare battery at home. Thankfully, you did remember to bring your ProMaster Go Charger!

The ProMaster Universal GO! Charger is the perfect tool for charging a digital camera battery when you don't have access to electricity. You simply charge the device in advance and it's ready to charge your camera batteries. And it can also be used as a power supply/charger for cell phones, iPhone, iPad, digital music player or other USB-powered device. The GO! has a built-in fuel gauge that lets you know the condition of your battery or the internal power unit with the touch of a button. It is perfect for the family who is always on the GO! And it's 20% off thru July 11th 2014.

This entry was tagged cameras, technology and posted on July 7, 2014

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