Preserving a dance recital memory

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We're always so happy when we get to help someone preserve a special moment in their life, and our Custom Frame Shop has lots of great stories to tell! We'll let Katrina talk about this one in her own words:

"This is the dance outfit from my daughter's first dance recital. I wanted to preserve this special moment, so I decided to have her whole outfit and the ticket and her photo all framed together so she has this forever. Right now it's hanging in her bedroom and she absolutely loves it. Ken did an amazing job laying the project out. I had tears in my eyes when I first saw it finished. This moment in her life will never be forgotten."
 — Katrina W.

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First Ken lays out all the individual pieces, pinning them down to create the perfect layout. Since glues or adhesives could damage the fabric or come loose over time, he carefully stitches everything in place using archival materials. And to protect everything from fading, we use UV protective glass.

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And here's the finished piece, ready to hang!

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Here at Dan's, we spend a lot of time talking about photos, but there are lots of other ways to share and preserve a memory. Stop by any time to chat about what we can create for you.

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