Photo Destination: The Snow Geese of Middle Creek

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The Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is an amazing place to see massive numbers of migrating snow geese and tundra swans. Located at 100 Museum Rd in Kleinfeltersville, PA, the area sees peak numbers of migrating birds in late winter and early spring. On Feb. 8, 2018, park officials counted roughly 50,000 snow geese. This place is a fantastic photo opportunity!

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All photos in this article courtesy of Dan's staff member Scott B.

Considerations for getting there

This is an easy hike, it's only about a quarter mile from the parking lot to the viewing area. Plan on getting up early! You'll want to be there before sunrise, before the snow geese all leave for the day. You can also see them around sunset when they return to roost. In addition to snow geese and tundra swans, be sure to look for great blue herons, bald eagles, and various species of ducks.

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A long lens is a must for birding of any kind. 400mm or more (preferably more!) is the way to go here. If you don't have anything that big yourself, don't forget to check out our rental department.

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What to bring with you

You should definitely pack a good tripod. Practice panning on a moving subject to capture sharp photos of birds in flight! Make sure you've got plenty of fast memory cards. You'll likely shoot a lot of photos very quickly to make sure you get a few good ones. Be sure to bring extra batteries, and keep them in your pockets so they don't get too cold. Frozen batteries run out of power fast.

Keep yourself warm too! When the geese are there in late winter & early spring, dress in layers and be ready for cold termperatures and wind. And if you make the trip out there, please share your photos with us on Facebook or tag @danscameracity on Instagram. We'd love to see what you get!

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— Scott B. is a photo equipment specialist at Dan's and an avid photographer. He's one of the most senior Dan's staff, having started at our old store on Highland Street. Scott has a BS in Wildlife Biology from Penn State University, and enjoys macro and wildlife photography.

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