More work from Dan's in the home of the Phantoms

PPL Center 01

It’s been a while since we shared some of the work that we’ve been doing at PPL Center in Allentown, but we’ve had a lot of projects going on over there! Steve and Mark were heading down to install a new mural last week, so I tagged along to grab a few photos. Let’s take a look…

PPL Center 3

Right now, it’s a big blank wall. We’ll take care of that! Melvin, the Phantoms mascot over there on the left, will be surpervising the work.

PPL Center 32

This is going to take a while, so let’s take a look around and come back later.

Right here in the same lobby there are signs everywhere, and lots of them were printed and installed by Dan’s.

PPL Center 21

The day we were there, they were getting ready for the Monster Truck Jam. That means covering up the ice and filling the whole arena with dirt!

PPL Center 12

And out here in the arena are more signs printed and installed by Dan’s. You don’t even want to know what it was like getting these two hung up there. This isn’t a great job for people who are afraid of heights.

PPL Center 28

The hallways are full of pictures of Phantoms team members and other events that take place at the arena. Every one of these was printed, framed, and installed by Dan’s Camera City.

PPL Center 46

PPL Center 39

Out at the box office you can see more of our work. We supplied and installed these individually cut letters to create the three-dimentional signage shown here.


And through the doors into the lobby? You guessed it, even more signs…

PPL Center 372

This really is a nice looking place, isn’t it? If you’ve never been there, it’s even more impressive in person.

For the Guest Services desk, we produced adhesive graphics on a shiny aluminum material.

PPL Center 381

Continuing down the hall, we produced and installed cut vinyl graphics for this overhead sign.

Cohen feeley altemose rambo

And over at Crust restaurant, we’ve provided a whole lot of art and signage, including framed photos on the walls, a cling graphic featuring the Crust logo in the dining area, and a huge mural outside the entrance to the restaurant.

PPL Center 211

PPL Center 214


Speaking of murals, let’s go back and check on how Steve and Mark are doing…

PPL Center 448

Yep, they’re finishing up and that blank wall is now covered in amazing artwork. Really livens up the place, don’t you think?

PPL Center 453
Special thanks to Mark for giving me a ride in the Genie lift to get this shot.

There’s always more going on down at PPL Center, keep watching for our next update!

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