In our bag: macro reverse ring

reverse macro 1

Did you know there’s a way to take super close-up photos without spending a lot on a new macro lens? Starting at about $10, one inexpensive accessory will let you take stunning macro photos using lenses you already own. (above photo by Dan’s staff member John E.)

It’s called a reverse ring, and it works by letting you mount a lens on your camera backwards. With the lens the wrong way around, everything changes, and suddenly you’re looking at the world through a microscope.

promaster reverse ring

What’s the catch? Well, since there’s no electronic connection bewteen the camera and the lens, you have to do everything manually – focus, exposure, all of it. It can take a little experimentation to get it working for you. But if you’re willing to play around a little bit, you can get some really amazing results.

We’ve been trying these out for a little while now, and they’re a whole lot of fun. For the big results you get from such a tiny item, one of these should be in every photographer’s bag. Here’s a few more pictures from our staff…

reverse macro 2
photo by Dan’s staff member Heather L.

reverse macro 4
photo by Dan’s staff member Jimmy M.

reverse macro 3
photo by Dan’s staff member Danielle L.

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reverse macro 5
photo by Dan’s staff member Ken T.

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