How good is the Nikon P900 zoom lens?

p900 fox

Scott B., one of our long-time staff members, spotted one of our neighbors having a nap in the back yard at the Allentown store. So he ran back inside and grabbed the Nikon P900, a great little camera with a whopping 83× zoom lens. The images he captured are nothing short of incredible. Take a look!


nikon p900 fox 24

He's got the lens zoomed all the way out here, at the widest setting of 24mm equivalent. If you look really closely at the full size file, you can see a little spot along the fence near the tree line.


nikon p900 fox 300

300mm is a pretty respectable telephoto, and here we've got a much clearer shot. You can definitely see the fox now. But that's nowhere near the best this camera can do.


nikon p900 fox 2000

This is what a 2000mm equivalent looks like. Take a look back at that first photo, and it's hard to believe that this was taken from the exact same spot all the way back in our parking lot! But with that incredible lens and great image stabilization technology, the Nikon P900 lets you create amazing images like this. And if you want to try one out, we've got one available for rent too.

Now we just have to convince the foxes to take a nap where the fence isn't in the way...

This entry was tagged photo, cameras and posted on February 13, 2017

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