Join Dan's Camera City and Tamron for a series of upcoming special events!

Location Lighting for Storytelling

Tamron Pro Webinar with Jonathan Thorpe

Thursday, August 13, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Join professional photographer Jonathan Thorpe as he takes you to a live photo shoot and demonstrates how to use light to create mood and emotion in a narrative. You'll learn what it takes to create a story out of your images through the use of lighting, lenses, locations, and communicating with your clients, family, or friends. Please join Dan's Camera City and Tamron for this informative, upbeat online session.

photo by Jonathan Thorpe: kids around a campfire, monster in the background

low-key portrait of a woman with swirling smoke

We met Jonathan at the Photo Plus Expo last year and were immediately struck not only by his spectacular photos, but also how engaging, energetic, and FUN he is as an instructor. This session is a special treat, not to be missed!

Cost: $20
attendees will receive a $20 Dan's Gift Card

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two photos by Jonathan Thorpe

Free "Yard Sale Weekend" Sessions with Ken Hubbard of Tamron

Live and in person at Dan's Camera City in Allentown

These FREE lectures will be followed by an in-field shoot in our Photo Park. Space is limited and registration is required. All participants must wear a mask that properly covers their mouth and nose, and follow social distancing guidelines.

Using Long Lenses to Capture Birds in Flight

Thursday, Aug. 13 - Join professional photographer Ken Hubbard as he presents this fun and informative lecture on capturing great images of birds in flight. Ken will take away the mystery of capturing birds as they soar high above your head. He'll discuss many different techniques that will take away the frustration of bird photography while helping you capture the images you want. Topics will include camera settings, what lenses to use, composition, and much more.

Cost: Free!

Thursday, August 13
Noon - 1:00pm
at Dan's Camera City

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tamron birds webinar

Macro in Your Backyard

Friday, Aug. 14 - Join pro photographer Ken Hubbard for an engaging lecture with tips & techniques for shooting your next close-up photo project. Learn how to use existing and artificial light to your advantage, even in challenging situations. Find out how to use aperture and focal length to control and soften or sharpen backgrounds. See how your vantage point, perspective, and color work together to create effective images. Ken will discuss tips for setting up a "home macro studio", composition pasics, using the right shutter speeds, apertures, and ISO settings. He'll also show you how to use simple tools like flashlights to improve your shots and custom color balance tools to "do it right in the field", saving time on your post-processing later.

Cost: Free!

Friday, August 14
Noon - 1:00pm
at Dan's Camera City

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tamron macro webinar

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