The sunlight during the early morning and late afternoon offers unique photo opportunities with great reflections and colors. Dress warm and get an early start, you’ll be glad you did!

winter tips light


The snow on the ground acts like a giant reflector. While this can help you get really nice, bright light on your subjects faces, it does tend to trick your camera, causing your images to be underexposed. Try to purposely overexpose your image by anywhere from +1 to +3 full stops of light, or shoot in “Snow/Beach Mode”. That will compensate for the brightness and leave your images just as nice as the wintry scene you’re standing in.

winter tips exposure

Point of View

Change your position for a unique perspective. To photograph a snowman, try laying down and shooting up toward him to make him look tall and mighty. Likewise when shooting a snowball fight or kids sledding, get down to their level and snap from there. If you’re feeling brave, have the action come toward you while you’re taking the picture!

winter tips pov


Look for opportunities where colors and people peek through the snow. While a serene white landscape can be beautiful on its own, showing a glimpse of color adds great contrast to your image.

winter tips contrast

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