We guarantee you'll be happier with your photos if you use these suggestions. We've selected a few that are easiest to use and will result in the biggest improvement.

Improving picture composition

Fill the frame

Stepping closer or zooming in to your subject will eliminate distracting clutter and make it easier to see your subject.

Put heads at the top

Don't put people's heads in the middle of the picture because their heads are not in the middle of their bodies.

Use plain backgrounds

Take a moment to look at what is behind your subject. Cluttered backgrounds can be distracting.

Turn the Camera

For pictures of one or two people, a vertical format often works best. You can better fill your photo with your subjects. Remember to hold the camera so that the flash is at the top, not the bottom.

Up, Down and All Around

Often, we take pictures of kids and pets while standing over them. By getting down to their level, you can capture a more flattering image. Also try walking around your subject to look for different backgrounds and lighting effects.

Use your flash outside

Sunshine often creates undesirable shadows especially when the light is coming from behind the subject. Using a flash outdoors fills the shadows with light. Most cameras today are designed to permit using flash outdoors. If you are unsure of how to do this with your camera, please ask us and remember to get close.

Save the Long Zoom for Daylight

Zooming beyond 70mm to make your subject look close indoors can cause your flash photos to look dull and dark. You lose light two ways, flash weakens at greater distances and long zoom settings let less light pass through the lens.

Plagued by Red Eye?

Using your flash indoors or outside (at night) sometimes results in red eyes. An inexpensive red eye retouch pen can easily fix up all those pictures you've already taken, or we can do it for you. A few touches from the Red Eye Pen neutralizes the red, making the eyes more natural. There is also a Pet Eye Pen that will neutralize the green glow found in flash pictures of animals.

Quality processing for superior pictures

No two labs are the same and quality varies greatly. At Dan's, each negative is individually analyzed for optimum balance and each print is hand inspected for quality. Our wide range of services include color and black and white film processing (35mm, APS, 120), enlargements, photos from digital cameras and computer files, slide processing, prints from slides, and prints from prints. Dan's digital lab can restore, modify and create pictures, business cards, seasonal and special occasion greeting cards.

Not happy with your pictures? Very often it's the processing. Try Dan's! We have a convenient online or mail-in service and drop-off locations around the valley.