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Dan's tips for Great Summer Photos

Chances are the summer heat will send you on a quest to cool off. Whether you end up at a pool, water park or the beach, you'll discover superb photo opportunities. With some simple techniques, you can improve those photos and better capture you summer memories.

Set your camera's Scene Mode

Set your camera's Scene Mode to the appropriate option for where you're taking pictures. Many cameras have modes specifically for beach and water photos. These help to ensure proper exposure given the lighting challenges of these bright situations. Scene mode settings are usually found in your camera's options menu.

beach scene mode

Use Fill Flash

You’re probably thinking you don’t need your flash outside, but all cameras have a Fill Flash setting because it's a very beneficial feature. By turning on the flash, you will “fill in” the harsh shadows caused by bright sun, or add a little kick to photos on a bland overcast day.


If you’re trying to capture action, pre-focus your camera on where the action is headed. For example, focus on the bottom of the water slide, or where the kids are going to land when they jump in the pool. By pressing your shutter halfway down, the camera gets ready to take the photo. Now press it the rest of the way just as your subject is approaching that spot. With practice, you’ll get good at capturing the exact moment you wanted.

Stay Safe

When taking your precious electronic camera near water (or any moisture), consider our waterproof bags. These are handy as they protect your camera from sand and water damage and are reusable every summer. Starting at only $32.99, they are a super value.

Organize & Share

After you’ve captured your memories, we suggest creating one of our bound photo books to easily organize and share them. These books are great as they cost less than prints and an album, are easier to order multiple copies to share, and are fun to make.

beach pool photos

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