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Dan's Expeditions are hands-on workshops where you learn by doing. Each Expedition consists of a classroom session to learn new techniques followed by a photo shoot at a wonderful location to put new ideas into practice. They're open to photographers of all skill & interest levels. Come join the fun!

Archibald Johnston Mansion

July 18 & 20 - Join us for a special workshop at local hidden treasure: the Archibald Johnston Mansion. Home to Bethlehem's first mayor, the house was abandoned and the land donated to become a public park. Restoration efforts are now underway, but today the crumbling mansion stands as a fascinating photographic subject.

Class size is very limited for this outing.

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johnston mansion


Stars on the Farm

July 25 & 26 - Capture dramatic night sky photos in a rural location with nice dark skies that’s only 40 minutes away from Allentown! Instructor Steve Miller has been making extraordinary night sky photos for years, and in this special workshop, he’ll help you capture amazing photos that capture the beauty of the Milky Way, stars, galaxies, and more.

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orchard milky way


The Eagles of Conowingo Dam

Coming in November - The Conowingo Hydroelectric Station on the Susquehanna River is the site of a dam where migrating bald eagles congregate here for an easy meal. They're often found numbering several dozen to even a hundred or more! You can sometimes see eagles as close as 50 feet from you and they fish from early morning well into the afternoon.

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conowingo eagle 1