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Dan's Expeditions are hands-on workshops where you learn by doing. Each Expedition consists of a classroom session to learn new techniques followed by a photo shoot at a wonderful location to put new ideas into practice. They're open to photographers of all skill & interest levels. Come join the fun!

Lakota Wolf Preserve


New date: November 30 — Experience photo opportunities of a lifetime watching and listening to packs of Tundra, Timber, and Arctic wolves. Since we're visiting the animals where they live, in a stress-free environment, you'll get the best possible photo opportunities!

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The Eagles of Conowingo Dam


November 11 & 13 - The Conowingo Hydroelectric Station on the Susquehanna River is the site of a dam where migrating bald eagles congregate for an easy meal. They're often found numbering several dozen to even a hundred or more! You can sometimes see eagles as close as 50 feet from you as they fish from early morning well into the afternoon.

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