Black and White Processing

Black & White Film Developing

Film typePrice
Standard Black & White (35mm) $10.00
Standard Black & White (120) $12.00
Tech Pan and Infrared $15.00
4×5 sheet film $2.00 per sheet, $6 minimum
Push or Pull, up to 3 stops $2.00 per stop
XP2, T400CN, B&W Select (C-41 films) $8.00 for 35mm
$10.00 for 120

Black and White Processing

Prints at time of development

Glossy or matte finish, Sepia tone or neutral black & white. Now includes free index print.

35mm prints: 3.5×5, 4×6

  • First print: 37¢
  • Additional prints of the same negative: 20¢

120 prints: 4×5, 5×5

  • First print: 69¢
  • Additional prints of the same negative: 40¢
Example develop & print pricing:
  • 24 exposure roll: $18.88
  • 36 exposure roll: $23.32

We are unable to adjust contrast on this service. Prints up to 5×5 may have a subtle color cast when viewed under certain lighting conditions.

Black and White Processing

Reprints from B&W Negatives

Glossy or matte finish available. $5 setup fee applies to all film reprint & enlargement orders.

SizeFirst printAdditional prints from the same negative
Wallet (pairs) $1.49 99¢
3½×5 – 5×5 99¢ 79¢
All other sizes see enlargement pricing below

Quantity discounts are available for quantities of 10 or more from the same negative. 35mm reprints of 10 or more consecutive negatives will be charged at the lower additional reprint prices.


From 35mm and 120 film up to 6×9, glossy or matte finish. $5 setup fee applies to all film reprint & enlargement orders. Enlargement pricing is the same as our color film enlargement pricing. Larger print sizes are available from our Extra-Large print service

Contrast and density will be adjusted to best suit the negative and subject matter at our discretion. All prints are borderless unless otherwise requested. For higher expectations such as matching a guide print and for larger and uncommon negatives up to 4×5, please ask about our CustomPro service.