Removable, reusable photo wall clings

Dan’s Stick-Pix are the perfect solution for temporary or long-term displays. Our self-stick backing clings to almost any surface, and can be re-used over and over. With no nails, glue, or mess, you’ll have an eye-catching display without all the work!

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Prices are from digital files. Add $5 from prints up to 11×14 or 35mm negatives or slides.

Stick-Pix Pricing

Sizes up to 40 inches by 100 feet available, ask us for details. Free Shipping on orders of $49 or more!

8×10 $14.00
8×12 $16.00
11×14 $18.00
16×20 $33.00
20×30 $63.00
24×36 $90.00
30×40 $125.00


Create a collage

Can't pick just one photo? Print a collage poster on Stick-Pix!

Dan’s Quality

Our experts adjust every image for the best print quality.

Ready in just a few days

We can have your Stick-Pix ready in as little as two days, just in time for that special party or marketing campaign.