More options, Superior quality

Available from:

  • Color or Black & White negatives and slides up to 8×10
  • Photos or artwork up to 11×17

Ask us for a quote for scans of items larger than 11×17.


  • Choice of resolution and file size. Choose from three standard resolutions, or specify your own requirements.
  • File format options: JPEG, TIFF, PSD (Photoshop), BMP, or any other common format.
  • Color and brightness corrections
  • Dust spotting
  • Cropping available
Standard scan sizes:
  • Screen for e-mail and web use
  • High for newsletters and inkjet printing
  • Photographic for printing on true photo printers

Or specify either a megabyte size for the file or the dimension and DPI (e.g. 5×7 at 300dpi)