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Video & Photo Transfer and Backup

Don’t delete your precious photos and videos to make room on your phone, Dan’s can copy them to a USB thumb drive for you.

8GB 16GB 32GB
$39.99 $49.99 $59.99

Please note that this service will only copy files saved to the internal phone storage. It will not copy images that are saved in iCloud, Google Photos, or other online storage services, but aren't actually saved on the phone itself. 

What happens if your phone breaks?

Smartphone cameras are great- we can carry around thousands of memories and moments in our pocket! But are those pictures saved anywhere else? 

What if your phone gets lost...
or gets coffee spilled on it...
or it goes through the laundry...
or gets dropped in the toilet?

All those memories can be lost in a moment.

Make sure those memories are safe. With Dan's phone backup service, you can save all your photos on to a USB drive so you will have them for years to come.