Memory Card Recovery

Camera card mishaps can happen, and when they do Dan’s can help. If your photos are accidentally deleted or your card isn’t working correctly, our camera card recovery service can attempt to recover your photographs and videos.

Dan’s is the only company that can recover files from all types of camera memory cards locally and in-house. We use advanced methods and specialized software in an attempt to recover lost, corrupt or missing photos from your memory cards. We save all your recovered files to disc for you and give you an assessment of your memory card to help you determine if it’s safe to use or if it’s time to replace it.

Camera Memory Card Recovery

plus $5 per gigabyte of data recovered

Additional fees:
  • Physical damage to memory card: add $10
  • Two-day rush service: add 50%
  • Next-day rush service: add 100%
10% Discount on New Memory Cards

Damaged files are usually a sign that your card is starting to go bad. When you use Dan’s Camera Card Recovery service, you’ll also get 10% off the cost of a new Promaster memory card.

  • All recovered images will be saved on a CD-R or DVD-R disc. If more than 4 GB of data is recovered, files will be saved on a USB flash drive.
  • Some recovered images may be damaged or incomplete.
  • If we suspect the card itself is the problem, it will be noted upon return.
  • No recovery is guaranteed, but our success rate is high for most types of lost images.
  • xD cards that have been reformatted in the camera are almost never recoverable.
  • Fees are for labor in attempting image recovery. Payment is due even if we can’t recover images and regardless of cause (card or camera malfunction)

What to do when you have a problem:

As soon as you notice problems with your memory card, STOP! Turn off your camera, remove the card, and bring it in to Dan’s. Once you’ve started to have problems, anything else you do can risk causing further damage to the files on your card.

Make a note of anything that might be related to the problem. Did the camera display an error message? Was the card removed while the camera was still on? Was the card dropped or damaged in any way? Did it get wet? Any additional information you have can help us.

Why do bad things happen to good pictures?

Memory cards don’t last forever, they have a limited lifespan. After being used a few thousand times, the memory cells start to show signs of wear and tear. Camera malfunctions and mechanical problems with the card itself can also cause your memory card to stop working properly.

About damaged files

damaged jpeg file

Sometimes, some of the images we recover from a faulty memory card are damaged or incomplete. If we find any we'll include these pictures on your disc as well, because often part of a picture is better than no picture at all.