Dirt happens.

No matter how hard you try to keep your camera clean, no matter how careful you are with your lenses, it can still happen. Dust on your sensor shows up as strange dark blobs on every single one of your pictures. When dust strikes, we're here to help!

Camera Sensor Cleaning

Camera Sensor Cleaning

Your digital camera's sensor is incredibly delicate. Trust the experts at Dan's to keep it in top working order.

  • Please bring a lens or body cap and include a charged battery when your drop off your camera.
  • Sensor cleaning will be complete in just 3 business days.

Sensor Cleaning : $49.99

Sensor Cleaning with Clean and Check and Firmware Update

Sensor Cleaning with Camera Clean & Check and Firmware Update

Since dust and dirt are the enemy, we suggest a full external cleaning when we clean the sensor. While we're working on your camera, we can also take care of any available firmware updates for you. Get your camera back in top shape with the latest features & fixes from the manufacturer. Allow one week to complete your cleaning & update service. Service includes camera body + one lens.

  • Please bring a lens or body cap and include a charged battery when your drop off your camera.
  • Cleaning does not include any dust in the viewfinder, which is complicated to take apart and is only a cosmetic problem that does not affect picture quality.

Sensor Cleaning, Clean & Check + Firmware Update: $79.99

Additional lenses: $29.99 ea.

Film Clean and Check

Film Camera Clean & Check

Regular maintenance can get rid of dust and dirt before it becomes a problem. A thorough external cleaning & checkup will get rid of dust and debris before it gets inside and starts ruining your pictures! Your camera will be ready in 3 business days. Service includes camera body + one lens.

Film Camera Clean & Check: $29.99

sensor dust highlighted

This sensor has lots of dust! We were able to help this photographer out and clean it up for them, so their pictures are clear and spot-free.

How can you tell if it's dust on your sensor?

If a dark splotch shows up in the same place on a bunch of different pictures, chances are good there's something stuck to the image sensor. But you might not see it in every picture! Areas with lots of other stuff going on, like trees or buildings, can hide the dust spots. They're easiest to see in flat, open areas like the sky.

Here's how we check for sensor dust at Dan's. You can try it yourself at home.

  1. Set your lens to the highest ƒ/stop you have, like ƒ/16 or ƒ/22. 
  2. Turn autofocus off. We want a blurry, out-of-focus picture!
  3. Take a picture of a flat, detail-free sky. Blue is fine, and overcast is fine too. What we're looking for is something with no pretty clouds - just one flat color across the whole frame. 
  4. Check the picture on your computer, full screen. You might be able to see the dust already! If you can't, bring the picture into Photoshop and use Auto-Levels. If there's any dust in the picture it will jump out at you now, clear as day.