Preview Day

Preview Day & Ribbon Cutting

Thursday, Oct. 17

Take a peek at many of the exciting things coming to Dan's Urban Photo Park! Test out your photography skills and try new equipment with live models and free loaner gear from Canon, Sony, Olympus, and Promaster.

Remember to bring your SD Cards so you can try out all of the cool gear!

Canon Portrait Demo

Free Portrait Photography Demo with Canon


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Promaster Macro Demo

Free Macro Photography Demo with Dan's & Promaster


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Sony Portrait Demo

Free Portrait Photography Demo with Sony


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Chamber Ribbon Cutting

Lehigh Valley Chamber Ribbon Cutting


In the event of inclement weather, we will do our very best to hold some of the activities indoors. Please check our Facebook or call us to confirm.


Urban Photo Park

Coming Soon: Dan's Urban Photo Park

Since 1977 Dan’s Camera City has been a business focused on continuously improving and evolving to remain relevant to our customers and to attract future customers. We have seen our customers wanting to interact and experience their hobby in a more hands-on environment. While we have been doing this through our various education classes and marketing events, we felt the need to develop a more convenient way for customers to gain hands-on experience. We feel that now is the time to announce Phase One of creating Dan’s Urban Photo Park.

Urban Photo Park Video

Watch our video to take a peek at all of the exciting things coming to Dan’s Urban Photo Park!

Urban Photo Park

Fortunately, our founder, Dan Poresky, had the forethought to purchase a section of land behind our Allentown store. We have crafted plans to develop this large outdoor space in multiple ways. After discussions with our staff, camera manufacturer representatives and trainers, landscapers, and of course, our customers we have compiled an array of ideas.

Urban Photo Park

  • Life-size cut-outs of athletes and wildlife will allow customers to see how well different equipment options will meet their specific expectations.
  • A variety of native plants and wildflowers will provide a wonderful shooting venue.
  • Landscaped features will create opportunities to capture beautiful outdoor portraits
  • Birdhouses and feeders to draw in colorful feathered subjects.
  • Lattice panels covered in climbing plants will act as backgrounds for portraits, areas for macro photography.
  • Photography blinds to capture the various hawks and foxes that tend to nest in the woods at the back of our property.
  • There will be test charts and panels designed to evaluate the sharpness and focusing performance of cameras and lenses.

Urban Photo Park

In discussions with our customers and staff, we realized the need and opportunity for us to offer more in several areas throughout our business.

  • Customers who are looking to make a purchase decision want to be able to better test out their options before making a purchase.
  • As our staff continually trains on new gear, they need tools to assist them in evaluating performance.
  • Our Photo University instructors want more options in the places they can teach different techniques and topics.
  • Our School Photographers need more versatile areas for capturing senior portraits.

Urban Photo Park

When it’s finished, the Urban Photo Park will encompass over 45,000 square feet. This will be a constantly evolving project as we learn what works well, and what we can improve upon. We will be building out the plan in phases. We want to ensure we meet the variety of needs and wishes we have for the space. We do not know of any other purpose-built space such as this in the country, so we have no guide we can work from. We appreciate your following our progress, and invite you to provide feedback at any point on any aspect. Watch for our ribbon cutting in a few weeks as we wrap-up Phase One of the project.

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