Young Authors at Lehigh Parkway Elementary

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The young authors at Lehigh Parkway Elementary School are back, putting the finishing touches on their books!

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For the third year in a row, a group of third, fourth, and fifth grade students have been meeting twice a week to create their own books from start to finish. They've been busy working as writers, illustrators, editors and layout artists, and the results are looking great!

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We're proud and honored to be able to support this program again. Under the guidance of their teacher Donald Stahl, we've watched these students develop ideas and create books reflecting everything from personal life experiences to imaginative fantasies, as each week they've logged into our online book creation system and brought their books to life.

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We invite you to come out and support their work at Meet the Author Night on Thursday, May 10. They'll all be there signing copies of their books, and we'll be there taking pictures and showing our support. Hope to see you there!

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