Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we are making the following changes to our process:

  1. Appointments will be spaced apart so only one senior will be photographed at a time and we are allowing for ample time to clean the studio in between.
  2. PLEASE plan to bring a family member with you to help fix your hair and wardrobe. Our photographers will be maintaining a safe distance from the senior. We will not be fixing hair, straps and other details that we have done in the past. We would prefer to direct a family member to do these changes for the photographer.
  3. We will not have any supplies available such as combs, hair spray or other items. Please bring everything you will need for the session.
  4. BECA Seniors Only: Due to safety concerns, ladies will not be photographed in the traditional black drape as in years past. Please see the dress code wording for guidance on what ladies will be wearing.

pandemic measures

Tips for Your Session

Stylish senior portraits

What should I wear?

    • Ladies - We provide a black drape for your session. We recommend you bring a tank top or camisole to make this outfit change easier.
    • BECA Senior Ladies - Please wear an appropriate top. Tops must have sleeves and completely cover the chest and torso and all undergarments. No tank tops, low-cut, or anything with logos or wording will be permitted. We recommend a long sleeve shirt that is not white, yellow or close to your skin tone.
    • Gentleman - For your formal yearbook picture, a suit jacket and tie are required. You must be clean-shaven.
    • For All - Don't worry about the type of pants or shoes for the yearbook image. They will not be in the photo.
    • For BECA Seniors - No visible tattoos or facial piercings will be allowed.
    • Final yearbook photo approval is at the discretion of the school. Students who do not follow these guidelines will need to have another photo taken by the deadline or will not appear in the yearbook.
    • If you are booking more than a yearbook session, other outfits can be photographed.
    • Wear clothing you are comfortable in and that shows off your style. Adding a jacket or changing a shirt can be enough to change up your outfit.
    • Avoid solid white and colors that are close to flesh tones.
    • Bring several options with you. Be sure you have a few solid colors not all bold and bright patterns or logo clothing.
    • Be sure your clothing is clean a wrinkle-free. Wrinkles will show up in photographs.
    • If you wear glasses, we do our best to avoid glass glare, however, this can be difficult in the studio. You can have your optician remove your lenses from the frames.
    • Avoid too much sun or new haircuts a few days before picture day

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What to bring to Extreme & Power Sessions:

    • Please bring along items that show your interests & hobbies. Ideas include instruments, sports equipment, and uniforms.
    • Additional outfits, accessories.
    • Grooming supplies for final touches.

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What else to know

    • If you chose an on-location shoot, there may not always be a convenient place to change. Consider this when you are choosing your outfits and changes.
    • Relax...there’s no need to stress over anything. Dan’s staff is experienced and will make your session fun and enjoyable.

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