Tips for a Stress-Free Photo Shoot

Dan's Studio - 3812 Easton Nazareth Hwy.

Located at the junction of Routes 33 and 248, near Wawa. See map & directions » 

How to schedule your portrait session

  1. Please read the FAQ below, then book your appointment online. Please note that we must limit bookings to one session per family per day.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email, and likely a reminder phone call from the studio.
  3. Plan to arrive a few minutes before your appointment. If you’re bringing an infant, this is the perfect time to feed your baby prior to your session.
  4. Meet your photographer and start your portrait session.
  5. After the photo shoot, you’ll get to see your pictures, pick your favorites, and decide which image will be used for your package. We’ll also make some suggestions for other ways to display your images.
  6. Place your order and pay for your items.
  7. Your prints and other items will be ready approximately one week after your session at Dan’s Camera City in Easton.
24/7 Scheduling

Book your portrait session online » 
or call (610) 829-2313 during business hours for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is Dan’s Studio?
Dan’s Studio is located at our Easton store, at 3812 Easton Nazareth Highway. We're in a strip mall with Cici’s Pizza and Saladworks. Currently, there is no studio at our Allentown location.
What other packages do you offer besides your basic portrait package?
We have a wide range of products to suit your every need. Our add-on packages range from $80-$400 and include additional poses and a variety of products. Some packages include a full resolution CD of the images you order with complete copyright release. You can also order additional poses and products individually. Print sheets are as low as $12.99. A studio employee will be happy to review all your options with you while you pick out your favorite images.
Why do prints take a week?
Dan’s prefers to deliver the best quality prints possible, so at no additional cost we include retouching of flyaway hair and minor blemishes. This adds a little time for processing and printing. More comprehensive retouching is also available for a very reasonable cost.
Can I get the full resolution digital files of my photos?
Yes, you can purchase the files outright or with a qualifying order of Studio products. Some of our add-on packages include an image CD of the poses you order. Our CDs include the high resolution files and they are not encrypted (meaning you can use them), plus we include a copyright release.
Can I use my Dan’s coupons and gift cards?
Dan’s gift cards are valid for any Studio session or products. Coupons for Dan’s photo products are not valid on Studio orders, unless they specifically indicate so.
Do I have to order everything right away?
No, unlike some other portrait companies Dan’s guarantees to hold your images for a minimum of 14 days from the date of the photo session. We do have special packages for the best savings, so it is best to plan to order everything at once. Orders not done at time of photo session and re-orders require a $50 minimum purchase. After 14 days we cannot guarantee access to the files.
What can I order through the Studio?
Dan’s has a wide range of unique products that you can order in the studio including:
  • Photo prints: Matte finish, in common sizes from wallet to 20×30
  • Stick-Pix
  • Framed Trio – 3 images printed and framed as one 10×20 print
  • 16×20 Canvas Collage – Multiple images in a cute template printed on canvas
  • Canvas Wraps and Canvas Groupings
  • Metal Art Prints: Variety of shapes and sizes available
  • Greeting Cards: Studio exclusive designs, printed on high quality textured cardstock. Themes include Holiday, Birth Announcements, Save the Date, and Engagement and Graduation Announcements
  • Keepsakes: iPhone cases, coffee mugs, coasters, puzzles, bracelets, notepads and more!
  • Unique designer frames from Willowfly.
We're constantly adding new products to our studio offerings. Plus, Dan’s retail store offers plenty of other items you can purchase, at our regular retail pricing, when you purchase the digital files from your studio session.
What if I need to cancel?
We understand unexpected situations arise. Please use our online reservation system to cancel your appointment if needed. You can do this anytime, and it will send us an instant notification. We suggest rescheduling while you’re online as time slots do fill quickly. You can also call us to let us know you need to cancel.
Can I bring my pet?
Yes, well behaved pets are welcomed. Please call us to at 610-829-2313 option 2 to arrange a sitting with your pet. 
Do you offer different backgrounds and props?
Yes! Dan’s studio has a variety of backgrounds and props to choose from. We will review your options with you when you arrive at the studio. Our trained photographers can also make suggestions for you based on your clothing and the style of photograph you are hoping to create. We typically have a seasonal set up that will change throughout the year as well as some more traditional and trendy things that will always be there. We encourage you to bring your own props if there is something particular that you have in mind.

Planning for your Portrait Session

Please plan to arrive a few minutes before your photo session. That way, you'll have time to make final adjustments to your hair and clothing. It will also help you relax prior to taking your photo. We strive to maintain our schedule out of respect for all of our clients, and being a few minutes early helps ensure we can start on time.

  • Wait at least a week or two after a haircut to get your portrait taken. Avoid new hairstyles; plan on having your hair styled comfortably.
  • Make sure hair is clean and combed in place
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun.
  • Groom nails as your hands may show in the portrait
  • Men: Be clean shaven, or have your facial hair neatly trimmed
What to Wear
  • Avoid bold patterns – stripes, checks, prints, plaids,etc. Patterns may be distracting from the subject matter
  • Bright or bold colors as these may also dominate the photo
  • Avoid light shades that are similar to flesh tones such as taupe, pink, tan, beige, cream or yellow. These may cause a washed out effect.
  • Darker colors are flattering to the face and slimming to the figure
  • Show your style in small accents. Save stronger colors and patterns for accessories like scarves and neckties
  • Avoid clothing that does not fit properly
  • Wear what you are comfortable in – this will help you relax, as well as being a truer representation of you
  • Bare arms can draw attention to themselves which can be detracting from the face
  • Stray from clothing with symbols or text on them this can be distracting
  • Couples and groups should coordinate their clothing to be similar in both style and color tone. Contrasting styles or colors create visual confusion, and bring some subjects forward while others fade
  • If your feet will be in the portrait, make sure that shoes and socks are not going to be distracting colors. Bare feet also work well for casual portraits.

We encourage you to bring props from home. You can add personality to your portrait by bringing items that have special meaning to you and your family. Something as simple as a baby blanket, a special toy, a guitar, or something else that reflects your hobbies or interests can really add that special touch to your image.

Preparing for Your Infant Portrait Session

  • Newborn images work best when your baby is 3 weeks old or younger. If you are expecting, book your appointment now for about one and a half to two weeks after your due date.
  • Plan on arriving 15-20 minutes early so that you can feed your baby at the Studio. Newborns do best on a full belly. We will have a quiet place ready for you.
  • Choose a time that works well for your baby’s schedule so they are at their happiest.
  • We suggest moisturizing your infant before you arrive to minimize the appearance of flakey skin.
  • Loosely fitting diapers prevent red marks on the skin. (Cloth diapers work best)
Helpful items to bring:
  • Diaper bag with normal supplies (Don’t forget the burp rag!)
  • Cloth diapers or diaper cover
  • Change of shirt for yourself
  • Props: items that are important mom and dad or the family ie: special blanket, shoes, jewelry, team shirts, balls, hats, etc. We do have a variety of props at our studio, including baskets, blankets, knit hats, and diaper covers.
  • Favorite blanket
  • Two or three outfit choices with accessories

Your infant is in expert hands here. We’ll do everything we can to make your session relaxed and pleasurable. We try to keep the studio quiet to ensure your infant rests well while being photographed.