Join Dan's Camera City and Tamron every Wednesday in May for a series of free online seminars to help spark your photographic creativity! Each session is free, simply register for the ones you'd like.

The Art of Travel Photography and Storytelling

Wednesday, June 10 - Travel photography is a broad genre covering so many bases. It’s an incorporation of landscape, environmental portrait, wildlife, street photography, and storytelling, all rolled into one. And because travel photographers are naturally wandering souls, we strive to document the world around us in its purest form. And share stories!

During this travel and storytelling seminar, we will discuss how to build a photograph with our composition while being sure we know our cameras settings, as well as understanding our location, and how to show stories within our travel photographs. Time to think outside of the box and get creative! Q&A To Follow

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Food and Product Photography: a look at in-home still life

Wednesday, June 17 - Maybe you learned to cook or maybe you took up a new hobby? Join Jillian as she takes a look at still life photography from flat-lay, light tents, to environmental scenes; we’ll take a look at common set ups to best highlight your newest creations! Q&A To Follow.

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The Essence of Street Photography

Wednesday, June 24 - Have you ever wanted to just go out with your camera and take pictures, but didn’t know where to start? This webinar will show you the essence of street photography, and to document everyday life on the streets. We will address topics such as lens selection, camera setting, lighting, composition and many more topics. That will hopefully inspire you to go out and capture interesting characters in their environment. Q&A To Follow.

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Previous sessions to watch on demand:

  • The Mysteries of Night Photography

    tamron night webinar

    Just because the sun went down, that doesn't mean we need to shut off our cameras! There's a whole beautiful world out there to photograph at night. In this seminar we'll focus on learning settings, composition, and tips & tricks to inspire you to photograph those night scenes.(original webinar date: 5/6/2020)

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  • Getting Up Close with My Macro Lens

    tamron macro webinar

    Focusing on Tamron's SP AF 90mm ƒ/2.8 Di VC USD 1:1 Macro lens, we'll dive into its technology and what all those features mean in an everyday setting. We'll venture into the backyard and talk about simple macro techniques you can master at home. (original webinar date: 5/13/2020)

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  • The Beauty of Landscape Photography

    tamron landscape webinar

    It's a big world out there full of amazing landscapes, and we want to help you capture it all! Join Professional Photographer Ken Hubbard as he helps you fine tune your landscape photography skills so you don't miss out on taking the best possible images of your next adventure. (original webinar date: 5/20/2020)

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  • Using Long Lenses to Capture Birds in Flight

    tamron birds webinar

    In this webinar, we'll take away the mystery of captuing birds as they soar high above your head. We'll discuss many different techniques that will take away the frustration of bird photography while helping you capture the images you want. Topics will include camera settings, what lenses to use, composition, and much more. (original webinar date: 5/27/2020)

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