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c2l nikon coolpix 4cGetting Started with Your Nikon Coolpix Camera

This class goes into detail on the features specific to Nikon Coolpix compact cameras. You’ll learn the basics of operating your camera, how to use your camera’s flash for better exposure, principles of composition for more attractive pictures, and recommended accessories to enhance your picture taking.

  • One module, approx. 50 minutes of video instruction
  • Cost: $19.99
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c2l dslr bgnr 4cGetting Started with Your DSLR Camera

Digital SLRs offer unmatched control for taking pictures, and there are several considerations for getting the results you expect. This class helps familiarize you with: Issues that arise when switching to digital; basic functions of your SLR camera; choosing exposure modes; working with different file types; the basics of using flash effectively; and, choosing filters and accessories to meet your photographic needs. Specific classes are offered for each brand.

Classes available for Canon, Nikon, Olympus PEN, & Sony.

  • One module, approx. 60 minutes of video instruction
  • Cost: $24.99
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slr 4cNext Steps with Your DSLR Camera

Ready to go beyond basic "Auto" camera control? This 4 section course was developed to help you capture images with confidence and to have more consistent results. You will have a better understanding of controlling exposure, handling tricky shooting situations, and getting more creative with your photography.

Classes available for Canon, Nikon, and Sony now. Olympus PEN classes coming soon!

  • Four modules, approx. 60 minutes of video instruction
  • Cost: $24.99
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c2l macroIntro to Great Macro Photos

Close-up & macro photography produce great shots, but can pose many shooting challenges. Come learn some quick-tips to overcome these obstacles and get great photos. You’ll also learn about inexpensive, easy-to-use gear and accessories that will help you get up close & personal with your subject for some stunningly sharp shots. This 2-part course has both in classroom instruction as well as a on location demonstration of shooting macro.

  • Two modules, approx 60 minutes of video instuction
  • Cost: $24.99
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photo fundamentalsPhotography Fundamentals

This beginner-level class will help you gain an understanding of the core concepts of photography. You’ll start with the very basics like aperture, shutter speed, and how they work together to create an image. Then we’ll move onto camera technique and creative concepts like composition and lens choice.

  • Six modules, over 3 full hours of instruction
  • Cost: $49.99
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