stars on the lake
Photo by Dan's staff member Phil V.

August 19 & 28 - Capture dramatic night sky photos in a rural location with nice dark skies that’s only 50 minutes away from Allentown. In this special workshop, we’ll help you capture amazing photos that capture the beauty of the Milky Way, stars, galaxies, and more.

We’ll also show you ways to enhance your photos with creative lighting, long exposure techniques, and post-processing. And we'll also share insights into where to go to find darker skies, for further exploration on your own.

stars at hickory runPhoto by Dan's staff member Steve M. 


In class

First, we’ll cover photographic concepts to improve your night sky images, including choosing foregrounds, manual camera settings, lens choice, important relevant accessories, locating the milky way and other interesting night sky objects. We’ll show lots of examples and get you familiar with the techniques you’ll be using and the gear you’ll need to bring.

On location

Dan’s staff members will provide hands-on instruction to help you create amazing images, capturing the edge of own Milky Way galaxy. Then we’ll get creative painting with light and color, and try out star trail images that turn the stars into lines or arcs across the sky.

hickory run lake Our dark sky destination

About our night sky site

Sand Spring Lake at Hickory Run State Park is going to be a fantastic location for night sky photography. In addition to low levels of light pollution, we'll have the opportunity to capture the stars reflected in the lake. It's going to make for some spectacular shots!

Transportation is not provided for this outing, so we'll go over driving directions and parking ahead of time.

The lake is closed to the public after sunset, so we'll have the place to ourselves. We’re not likely to be disturbed by passing headlights, and they'll turn off the normal lighting at the facilities for us. This is going to be a wonderful night of image making, we hope you can join us!

Ticket price: $179.99

Class session: Thurs. Aug. 19 6:00 - 8:00pm  Online Get Tickets Now
Outing: Sat. Aug. 28
rain date: Sept. 10
8:30 – 11:30pm Hickory Run State Park

Suggested gear for this outing

  • Tripod - A sturdy tripod is an absolute necessity for this outing!
  • Interchangeable lens camera - Most all-in-one cameras don't have the controls necessary for this kind of photography
  • Large aperture wide-angle lens (f/2.8 or larger, 24mm or wider) - If you don't have one, consider some of the great options in our Rental Department! Our staff of experts will be happy to help you pick something out that will help you get great results.
  • Red headlamp or red filter for your flashlight - Headlamps are preferred to flashlights to keep your hands free.
  • Hand warmers to prevent condensation on your camera. Can't find hand warmers anywhere in August? We've got some in stock.
  • Cable or remote shutter release

COVID-19 Safety at Dan's Photo Workshops

We take the health and comfort of our customers and staff seriously. We continue to monitor the situation, and Dan's has implemented heath protocols to ensure workshops can be conducted safely.

  • Contactless check-in – Our new Eventbrite ticketing system allows for contactless check-in. Please make sure to have your tickets ready when you arrive!
  • Outdoor classes – Small class sizes at outdoor locations allow plenty of room for physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer available, Masks required – Hand sanitizer will be available at the check-in table. And of course, staff and students are all required to wear masks that cover their mouth and nose.

stars and studentsPhoto by Dan's staff member Scott P.