coal mine tour
photos by Dan's staff member Phil Voystock

September 17 - Join us on a trip to No.9 Coal Mine & Museum in Lansford, PA, where we'll explore a piece of Pennsylvania history and help you capture amazing photos under some challenging conditions.

First, you'll enjoy a private mine ride, traveling 1,600 feet into the mountain by railcar. Along the way, we'll get a brief history of the mine and the miners that worked there. Explore the miner's hospital, the mule-way, and the original 900-foot elevator shaft.

After we break for lunch (provided by Dan's) we'll venture back into the mine to photograph the many interesting sights observed on the tour. Dan’s experts, as well as staff from the coal mine, will be on hand to answer any questions and help you to capture some interesting photos in a very challenging environment.

Also on the grounds, you'll find the "Wash Shanty", which includes the tools and paraphernalia that miners used to wash their clothes and equipment. The Museum collection features tools, food cans, blasting equipment, and more that belonged to the miners of No. 9.

Exhibits also include carved pieces of coal, historical photographs, paintings, models, a replica of a miner's kitchen, and other artifacts. There's no shortage of great stuff to photograph, it's going to be an amazing day out!

Price: $99.99

Appropriate Attire Required

Wear a light jacket or sweater! The mine is 52°F year-round.
Wear boots, it's wet.

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Tuesday, Sept. 17 
10:30 - 3:30

No.9 Coal Mine & Museum
9 Dock St, Lansford, PA 18232

Recommended Gear for this outing
Any type of camera, even your phone!
Ideal camera & lens combo
  • Interchangeable lens camera with good image quality at ISO 1600+
  • Fast lenses, max. aperture f/2.8 or greater
Suggested Accessories
  • Tripod
  • Flashes, wireless if possible
  • Continuous lights (LED or otherwise)

No.9 Coal Mine & Museum
9 Dock St
Lansford, PA 18232

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