Give the gift of learning

Photo Class Gift Vouchers are great gifts for anyone who takes pictures. They're more personal than a gift card, and the recipient gets to choose a class session that fits their schedule.

Digital Camera Classes

Course titlePricePurchase
Taking Better Pictures with Your Compact Camera $29.99
Understanding Your DSLR or MILC 1  $39.99
Understanding Your DSLR or MILC 2 $39.99
Photo Foundations Workshop - all 4 sessions! $79.96
Photography Boot Camp $69.99

Lighting Classes

Course titlePricePurchase
Intro to Flash With Your DSLR $24.99
Lighting Boot Camp $69.99

Photo Software

Course titlePricePurchase
Understanding Lightroom $59.99

Creative Photo Classes

Course titlePricePurchase
Indoor Portraits $24.99
Outdoor Portraits $24.99

One-on-One Learning

Course titlePricePurchase
Personal Photo Class: 1/2 Hour $50.00
Personal Photo Class: Additional 1/2 Hour $40.00

To redeem a voucher, the recipient can either bring it to Dan's or call us at (610) 434-2313 to register for a class. Vouchers are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase.