Books by young authors from Lehigh Parkway Elementary School

Each book is $35 with PA state sales tax included. Order your books through May 25th.

Books will not be shipped.
All book orders will be delivered for pick up at Lehigh Parkway Elementary School on June 8th. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jeffrey Hall at 610-434-2313 ext. 390.


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  • The Story of Friendship
    by Giana Noguera
  • Strangest Borders of the World
    by Frandy Joseph
  • Alice
    by Samantha Diaz
  • The Teleportation Angel
    by Malachi Jones
  • The Princess and the Manatee
    by Leila Anang
  • The Haunting of The Forest
    by Christopher Carroll-Shaller
  • The Haunted House
    by Jean Carlo Sagastume Cordon
  • My Mom and Dad
    by Brianna Potter
  • All About Me
    by Jadaline Fontanez
  • You Chose Your Future
    by Anylah Williams
  • Lightning Cat and Thunder Dog
    by Julia Janas
  • The Super Wolves
    by Janae Houser
  • The Mysterious Mermaid
    by Janiya Powell
  • Holly and Kate Go To Neverland
    by Karla Abreu Garcia
  • Super Duck
    by De'ziyah Feal
  • The Happiest Birthday
    by Arrion Davis
  • My Winter Week
    by Jaynali Diaz
  • Starman
    by Noah Concepcion
  • Cinder-Guinea Pig
    by Natalie Medina
  • Knowing My Story
    by Merary Valenzuela Sosa
  • All About Tae'Lyn
    by A'Liana Rountree
  • The Evolution of Trees
    by Anie Dade
  • Tiny's Story
    by Elianni Benitez
  • The Nature Princess
    by Cristal Torres Nunez
  • Scary Foods
    by Alicia Espinosa
  • The Poor Pup
    by Stella Unger
  • All About Ring Tailed Lemurs
    by Erin Schweyer
  • Apart Of You For Apart Of Me 2!
    by Kamiyah Williams