Books by young authors from Lehigh Parkway Elementary School

Each book is $35 with PA state sales tax included. Pre-order your books through November 29.

Books will not be shipped.
All book orders will be delivered for pick up at the school. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mike W. at 610-434-2313 ext. 341.


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  • The Statue of Friendship
    by Erin Schweyer
  • The Rescue Family
    by Janae Houser
  • Lightning Cat and Thunder Dog 2: The Stick World
    by Julia Janas
  • Foxy and His Toy
    by Juliette Irizarry
  • The Knitting Gamer
    by Noah Concepcion
  • Ancient Greece
    by Oseas Rodriguez Romero
  • Separated
    by Rihanny Tepale-Santos
  • The Life of Peanut
    by Sanira Smith
  • Fun Hummingbird Facts
    by Stella Unger