Books by young authors from Lehigh Parkway Elementary School

Each book is $35 with PA state sales tax included. Pre-order your books through April 9.

Books will not be shipped.
All book orders will be delivered for pick up at the book signing event at Barnes & Noble on May 9. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jeffrey Hall at 610-434-2313 ext. 390.


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  • The Story of Friendship
    by Giana Noguera
  • Strangest Borders of the World
    by Frandy Joseph
  • Alice
    by Samantha Diaz
  • The Teleportation Angel
    by Malachi Jones
  • The Princess and the Manatee
    by Leila Anang
  • The Haunting of The Forest
    by Christopher Carroll-Shaller
  • The Haunted House
    by Jean Carlo Sagastume Cordon
  • My Mom and Dad
    by Brianna Potter
  • All About Me
    by Jadaline Fontanez
  • You Chose Your Future
    by Anylah Williams
  • The Shoes That Disappeared
    by Christina Espinosa
  • The Lost Wolf
    by Lance Roberston
  • Lightning Cat and Thunder Dog
    by Julia Janas
  • The Super Wolves
    by Janae Houser
  • The Mysterious Mermaid
    by Janiya Powell
  • Holly and Kate Go To Neverland
    by Karla Abreu Garcia
  • Super Duck
    by De'ziyah Feal
  • The Happiest Birthday
    by Arrion Davis
  • My Winter Week
    by Jaynali Diaz
  • Starman
    by Noah Concepcion
  • Cinder-Guinea Pig
    by Natalie Medina
  • Knowing My Story
    by Merary Valenzuela Sosa
  • All About Tae'Lyn
    by A'Liana Rountree
  • The Evolution of Trees
    by Anie Dade
  • Tiny's Story
    by Elianni Benitez
  • The Nature Princess
    by Cristal Torres Nunez
  • Scary Foods
    by Alicia Espinosa
  • The Poor Pup
    by Stella Unger
  • The Lost Girl
    by Ameena Wagner
  • All About Ring Tailed Lemurs
    by Erin Schweyer
  • Apart Of You For Apart Of Me 2!
    by Kamiyah Williams
  • I Am On A Bookshelf