Northeastern Pennsylvania celebrates its 250th Anthracite Anniversary

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1768 - 2018
Hardcoal Region Pennsylvania

Dan's Camera City is proud to partner with photographer Scott Herring to bring you these items commemorating the 250th anniversary of the hardcoal region of Pennsylvania. Order online, or stop by either of our store locations.

Anthracite License Plates

"Anthracite is the only coal which evolved beyond geology. Here in Northeastern Pennsylvania it became the symbol and identity of a unique and historic region and cultural heritage. We, The people of the Black Diamond are the only people on Earth to take our cultural name from coal mining, iron making and railroading. In 2018, we celebrate the 250th Anniversary of our Anthracite family origin and destiny."

Scott D. Herring
Anthracite 250th Anniversary, Chmn.

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Scott Herring's website featuring photo work and extensive documentary information

License Plates – $12.99 ea.

click any plate for an enlarged view

  • Plate 1

    Full Diamond

  • Plate 2

    Half Diamond

  • Plate 3

    Macungie Trains

  • Plate 4

    Red Patch

  • Plate 5

    A&A 5-part

  • Plate 6

    Alburtis Lockridge

  • Plate 7

    Dan's 250th Macungie Auto

  • Plate 8

    Dan's 250th Silver

  • Plate 9

    250th Thick as a Mine Mule

  • Plate 10

    Anthracite Anniversary silver banner

  • Plate 11

    Anthracite RR cluster

  • Plate 12

    Anthracite RR banner

  • Plate 13

    Cement Belt Half Diamond

  • Plate 14

    Dan's Camera City

  • Plate 15

    Anthracite Irish

  • Plate 16

    Lehigh Valley Areas

  • Plate 17

    Lehighton LV

  • Plate 18

    Miner Mule areas

  • Plate 19

    Pen Argyl Slate Belt

  • Plate 20

    Slate Belt Half-Diamond

  • Plate 21

    Five Towns #2

  • Plate 22

    No.9 Mine Tour