A little advanced planning makes your calendar a simple project.

Calendar Considerations

Calendars can start in any month, so they're a great gift any time of year.

When you're picking out photos, think about what kind of pictures will go nicely with each month. For example, you might choose photos of kids playing in the snow for winter months, and pictures from a trips to the beach for the summer. Think about whether you want to design your calendar around a specific theme, or if you'd rather just share a bunch of your favorite photos.

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How many photos should you bring?

For a personalized photo calendar, plan on using anywhere from 13 to 49 photos. Our system can fill in all those pictures automatically, making it quick and easy to create a project with lots of photos.

A USB flash drive is the easiest way to bring in all the photos for your project. You could also burn a CD with the pictures you plan to use, or transfer them to a memory card.

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Calendar Planning Worksheet

Use this worksheet to list photo ideas, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, holidays and important events like start of the school year or sporting events for each month. You can also make a note of which photos yoou'd like to use. When you come in to create your calendar, this will help you make sure you include all your important dates and pictures in your project.

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