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We've partnered with hdAlbum to offer a superior quality Photo Book.

Printed in high-quality Luster or Gloss photographic paper, each photo book features superior color, amazing detail, and unlimited design options and incredible binding. hdAlbum photo books make an amazing gift, keepsake or simply a creative outlet for your photographs.

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hdalbum vivid


While these books are not produced at Dan's, we've conducted extensive testing to ensure they meet our high standards of quality. Stop by and ask to see a sample, we think you'll be impressed.

Vivid Color

hdAlbums are printed with seven dye-based inks to provide a wider spectrum of colors and photo-realistic reproduction.

Special Note: because this service is intended for enthusiasts and pros, images are printed exactly as you submit them to ensure you receive the image as you created it. No image adjustments will be performed.


hdalbum designs


Incredible Detail

Printing at up to 2400 dots per inch, your photos will reflect the rich, high-quality finish that will impress even the most critical eyes.

Design Flexibility

hdAlbum Software offers a large selection of backgrounds, layouts, and templates for your one-of-a-kind album. You can use the auto-arrange feature or custom-design your own piece, page by page.

Lay-Flat Binding

Lay-Flat hdAlbums are held together with a hinge-style binding that not only produces a top-notch presentation, but is also very durable. Choose from Premium Canon Luster and Glossy photo media.

hdalbum layflat

Images that spread

Add panoramic images with ease! Our registration method during production ensures that your images read perfectly across the lay-flat spread.

Classic Binding

Classic hdAlbums use a traditional style "perfect binding", just like a published photo book, and offers a great showcase for your photos at an appealing price. Classic albums are printed on premium Satin photo media.

hdalbum classic