Share & archive your precious memories

An easy, affordable way to archive & share your treasured memories. Bring in those old photos stashed away in the attic, and we'll scan them for you in a big batch. You'll get a USB drive full of your old photos or Uploaded to Cloud for you to share with friends and family all over the world. Email pictures, post them online, or order DigiPrints to share with everyone.

shoebox scanning

Scan a whole box full of pictures and save.

Our prepaid photo box holds up to 1600 4×6 pictures. You purchase the box, fill it with photos of any size from 2½×3½ up to 8×12, then bring it back to have those pictures scanned to USB flash drive or Uploaded to Cloud. The Photo Box is only $229.99 - That's more than $250 less than the regular price to scan 1,600 4×6 photos.

Order your Pre-Paid Photo Box

We'll ship you the box for you to fill at home. Stuff it full of photos to scan, bring it back to Dan's, and we'll take care of the rest!

Pre-paid Quick Scan Photo Box: $229.99

shoebox scan to dvd

Scanning Details & Options

Your photos will be scanned at 300 dpi in JPEG format at their original size. Upgrade to high-resolution scans at 600 dpi for an additional fee, contact us for details.

New! All packages include a USB flash drive or Upload to Cloud. Or Upload to Dropbox for $14.99. Upload to Cloud keeps your precious memories safe and right at your fingertips. Learn More»

All photo scanning is done right here in Allentown, PA. Your finished order will be ready in 10 business days.

Regular Quick Scan Pricing

up to 25 prints $27.99
26 to 50 prints $39.99
51 to 100 prints $59.99
101 to 200 prints $79.99
201 or more 37¢ each

Options & Extras:

  • Index prints (one per 24 images): 99¢ each
  • Specific Order Scans: add 50%

shoebox scan

Preparing your pictures

This service is for loose individual photos only. Photos must be removed from albums, frames, or envelopes. If a photo is stuck inside an album or frame, don’t try to force it out and risk damaging your original. Ask about our specialty scanning services.

We may find that some of your pictures may need to be scanned manually. For example:

  • very old or fragile pictures
  • pictures that are too thick or mounted on cardboard
  • pictures cut into a oval, or odd shapes

You can choose to have us scan those photos for an additional 99¢ each, or just skip them.

Please note: These services are designed for quick scanning of large print quantities for general use and printing. We offer many other types of scanning services if this does not fit your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Copyright notice

We are prohibited by law from scanning photographs that were taken by a professional photographer or studio without their written permission. Copyrighted photos will be returned un-scanned. If you would like more information about our copyright policy or assistance in obtaining permission, please contact us.

introducing Dan's Shoebox Scanning Service

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