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Print from Prints

Digital Process produces the best quality print from original photographs. We can copy, enlarge or reduce your photo onto traditional photo paper for permanence. Available from color or B&W photos.

$5 set-up fee for prints from film, slide, or print originals.
Copyrighted photos require written release from the copyright holder.

Print Size First Additional (same image)
Locket Sheet $9.99 $1.99
Wallet (pair) $3.99 $1.99
3½×5 or 4×6 $3.99 $1.99
5×7 $5.99 $3.50
6×8 $7.49 $4.50
8×10 or 8×12 $9.99 $6.00
11×14 $14.99 $10.00
12×18 $19.99 $12.00

Photos larger than 11×17 at nominal additional cost. Sizes over 12×18 available, see our standard Digital Print Pricing (plus $5 scan fee).

locket sheet sampleLocket sheets are 4×6 sheets containing various locket sizes on one print, usually about 6 photos per sheet depending on the image.

Red eye reduction

Reduces appearance of red eyes in your prints, included in enlargements 5×7 & larger at no extra charge. $1 per original image for prints smaller than 5×7.

B&W and Sepia Tones

can be added to prints at no additional charge. Good for badly faded or color shifted images. Specific variations available for $3 each.


can be done to any print order at no additional charge.

Dan’s Digital CD

for ordering reprints

We can create a digital file on CD at the time of your Print from Print order. Use this file to order prints and enlargements later (same size as print made). Only $5 for all images at the time of your Print from Print order.

Photo Enhancement

print enhancement

Photos that have faded over time can be enhanced to rejuvenate their appearance. Increasing contrast to bring out more detail can be done overall, to improve the quality of the photo. Color casts and uneven fading can also be adjusted to look more natural.

  • Color enhancement: $12
  • B&W Contrast enhancement: $7
  • De-silvering: $12