Elinchrom Studio Strobe Lighting Kit
Kit includes two Elinchrom D-Lite2 200w/s lights, two light stands, two softboxes, remote trigger, and carry case.

available at our Allentown store

$30 $45 $60 $150

Promaster Unplugged M400 2-Light Kit
Travel just about anywhere with these battery-powered studio lights.
Kit includes two Unplugged M400 Monolights, two large 48"×48" Softboxes, two Light Stands, two batteries, two battery chargers, two Reflectors with removable diffusers, one rolling storage case.

available at our Allentown store

$40 $55 $70 $175

Sekonic Flashmate L-308S-U flash meter
Get fast, accurate measurement of flash power. Speeds up setup time and ensures proper exposure.

available at our Allentown store

$10 $15 $25 $75

Promaster B270 LED two-light kit 
Continuous lights usable for photo or video work
Kit includes: Two ProMaster B270 Studio lights with integrated tilting brackets and umbrella holders, two white diffusion socks, two 5½-foot light stands, two AC power adapters, carrying case.

available at our Allentown store

$30 $40 $70 $160

Muslin Backdrop
Durable fabric background, easily transported

available at our Allentown store

$15 $25 $75 $100

Background Stand
Holds seamless paper, muslin, & portable backgrounds

available at our Allentown store

$15 $25 $35 $75

Please note that all rental items require a credit card authorization equal to half of the equipment value and a valid drivers license for proof of identification. The credit card authorization will tie up those funds for at least 14 working days, dependent upon your financial institution’s policies. Debit cards will be debited and the funds will be held by your institution. Please contact your financial institution with any questions or concerns. Dan’s cannot release this hold, it is entirely up to their policies.