first lighting kit

Creative Flash starter bundle

Your first lighting kit to get started with off-camera flash.

When you're starting out with off-camera flash, there's a few things you'll need. Scott, our photo instructor, put this kit together so you can get all the basics at a special bundle price.

First, you'll need a light stand. The Promaster LS-1 ($19.99) is the smallest, lightest stand that we carry. If you want to move up to bigger lights you'll need a heavier stand, but this is a great choice for small flash on the go.

Second, you need a way to attach your flash & modifiers to the stand. The Promaster swivel umbrella mount ($29.99) is a good sturdy choice, with a nice big handle that makes repositioning your light easy.

ls1 stand+swivel adapter

45 inch convertible umbrella

Finally, you'll want a light modifier to start learning with. Scott's chosen a Promaster 45-inch convertible umbrella ($34.99) for a number of reasons. First, it's an incredibly versatile tool. Configured in different ways, you can create a bunch of different looks with just this one umbrella.

It's also inexpensive. Umbrellas aren't the most durable light modifiers out there, but when you're first starting out they're a great way to test the waters without breaking the bank.

first lighting kit packed
bungee cords not included

Finally, it's exactly the right size to pair nicely with the LS-1 light stand. Bungee cord them together, and you've got a small studio setup that's ready to go anywhere.

My First Lighting Kit bundle price: $74.99 $64.99 (Sale thru May 8)

Photos created with this bundle

Interested in learning more? Check out our Creative Flash Techniques class to see how it's done.

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