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ProMaster Digital HGX filters are created with the highest quality, ultra-hardened glass. Each filter is individually polished and treated with 16 layers of coating, including Repellamax™, a unique element resistant coating, which can only be found in a ProMaster Digital HGX Filter.

  • Protection Filters »promaster protection filter

    A high-quality protection filter protects your investment in your lens and gives you peace of mind that bumps and impacts will hit the filter and not your lens.

  • Circular Polarizers »
    promaster circular polarizing filter

    These specially designed filters are ideal for outdoor photography. Remove unwanted reflections, increase color saturation, and enhance contrast, while not affecting the overall color balance of your shot.

  • Close-up Filters »promaster closeup filter

    ProMaster Achromatic Close-Up lenses are  high-quality diopters that screw into your camera's lens like a filter. It magnifies the image so you lens can focus closer, for stunning closeup photos without the expense of a dedicated macro lens.

  • Neutral Density »promaster hgx prime nd filter

    A neutral density filter reduces the amount of light reaching the imaging sensor while not affecting the color balance. Essential for shooting at wider apertures or slower shutter speeds in bright daylight.

  • Graduated Neutral Density »promaster graduated nd filter

    When one part of the scene is much brigher than another, a graduated ND filter helps balance things out. For example, you can capture the detail in a shadowy foreground without overexposing a bright sky.

  • Variable ND »promaster variable nd filter

    ProMaster HGX Prime VND filters provide an exposure reduction of 1.3 to 8 stops (ND2.5-ND256 equivalent). It darkens the entire image allowing for slower shutter speeds and/or wider apertures with applications for both still photography and videography.

No matter your subject, the right filter can take an ordinary image to the next level. In this breakout session, Mike Northrup will discuss the importance of filters, teach you how to choose the right filter, and show you how protection, circular polarizer, and neutral density filters are indispensable tools for image makers.