How does your job compare to working at Dan's Camera City?

We prepared this page to highlight many of the reasons our staff enjoy working at Dan's. We encourage you to review it carefully. We believe Dan's has a lot to offer that you won't find elsewhere.

Respect for the individual

At Dan's we treat our staff with respect and look to help them maximize their talents. We strive to create an enjoyable working environment with the input of all our staff.

Learn new skills and sharpen old ones

Training programs are part of every day. Frequent staff meetings and specialized training ensure continuous learning. All staff is encouraged to cross-train and get involved in a variety of areas. We provide mentoring and coaching by other staff members. All staff is expected to continuously improve their skill sets, some through our trainings, and some on their own. Your supervisor will work with you to provide feedback on your performance, and set goals for you to strive for.

Flexible hours

Every department of the company has its specific schedules based on their needs, however, we are flexible whenever possible. We want staff to enjoy their life outside of work as much as possible.

A team culture

Working in harmony is fostered daily. Work with others who share your commitment. We are continuously revising products, services, and job responsibilities. These changes are, for the most part, a reflection of the desires and recommendations of our staff. 

Job security

We want you to stay long term. As of December 2020, our staff members have an average of 12.36 years of service with Dan's Camera City!

A proud reputation

Dan's is exceptionally well known in the community. We are highly regarded by the public and other businesses. Most people have shopped here or know someone who has.

Community Involvement

Many members of the staff volunteer their time and contribute money for the betterment of the community. Dan's contributes to many local charities and organizations.

Plus these great benefits:

Merit pay raises, paid sick days, disability insurance, staff team-building events, and individual bonuses. Vacation and holiday pay, employee charge accounts, and wholesale prices on your purchases. See the Benefits Page for additional information.

A note about the role of management at Dan's

The role of management at Dan's is to make your job more rewarding and less frustrating. We do this by using systems that help you be highly productive with the fewest obstacles. We believe each member of our staff wants to be a productive contributing member of the team. When things go wrong, we examine the systems and look for opportunities for improvement.

Unreliable systems and those that do not address current needs create undue stress. This compromises the desire and ability to give superior service. Only with daily staff input can we spot and address system weaknesses. Unlike school and many other jobs, we place a high value on how much you help other staff succeed, as well as how you do in your own area of responsibility. Please contact us if you would like a more detailed explanation of this management concept. Also, see our Business Overview.