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Post, Print & Share… all at once, all with Dan’s

Do more with your Facebook photos! Order prints, gifts, greeting cards, and more using your favorite photos that you already have online. You get the same superior quality you’ve always received at Dan’s, with more of your photos.

Complete the Circle of Sharing your Memories

  • Access your facebook photos at home or at Dan’s DigiPrint Lounge
  • Order prints from your favorite Facebook albums
  • Post new photos directly to your Facebook wall for time-saving, easy sharing!

Want to print Facebook photos?

Here at Dan’s, our DigiPrint Stations can now access your Facebook photo albums. Stop by our DigiPrint Lounge to try it out. Don’t forget to have your Facebook username and password handy.

From Home, go to Dan’s online ordering, and choose “Facebook” at the bottom of the column on the left. Sign in with your Facebook account, and you’re ready to order prints from your own photos - and your friends shared photos, too!

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Post photos to Facebook in one click!

While you're here at Dan’s, our DigiPrint Stations can save you time by posting your photos to Facebook, either with or without ordering prints. Be sure to have your Facebook user name and password when you stop by.

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