Gitzo GT1550T

Gitzo GT1550T Traveler 6X Carbon Tripod
Small, lightweight tripod with superior stability. Compact size is perfect for travel.

available at our Allentown store

$15 $25 $40

Gitzo 1348 carbon fiber tripod with Wimberly gimbal head

available at our Allentown store

$40 $60 $120
Promaster XC528C

Promaster XC528C Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head
Strong and lightweight tripod suitable for all photographers and situations. Ball head with fluid and fast movement, ideal for action photography

available at our Allentown store

$15 $25 $40
Bogen 322RC2

Bogen Manfrotto 322RC2 Grip Action Ballhead (RC2 Quick Release)
Joystick Head that stays steady. Let go of grip and head locks in place. Great for wedding photography

available at our Allentown store

$5 $7.50 $20

Please note that all rental items require a credit card authorization equal to half of the equipment value and a valid drivers license for proof of identification. The credit card authorization will tie up those funds for at least 14 working days, dependent upon your financial institution’s policies. Debit cards will be debited and the funds will be held by your institution. Please contact your financial institution with any questions or concerns. Dan’s cannot release this hold, it is entirely up to their policies.